July 7, 2015

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White House urges Greece and EU to come to a compromise ASAP

The White House called on both the Greek government and European leaders to come to some sort of compromise on Monday night, so that Greece remains a member of the Eurozone. At the same time the American government underlined the importance of resolving the Greek crisis because this will benefit both Europe and the US.

Speaking to reporters, White House spokesman Josh Ernest, said that despite the significant differences, all sides recognize the importance of Greece remaining a member of the Eurozone but said he recognized that the solution to this challenge only involves Greece and its creditors.

Meanwhile, reports said that US Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew contacted Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and newly-appointed Minister of Finances Euclid Tsakalotos on Monday night, and urged them to resume talks immediately. Lew said that he hopes that Greece will carry out the difficult, yet necessary, fiscal and structural reforms that will eventually promote growth and finally stabilize the debt within the Eurozone.
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