July 2, 2015

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Greece in Complete Crisis - ANEL MPs To Vote YES - Karamanlis makes live statement - LIVE BLOG

Radical political developments are unfolding in Greece as we speak, HellasFrappe will be massing the reports all day and featuring them in this live blog. Please check back periodically for the newest updates.

19:30 - European Parliament President Martin Schulz said his faith in the Greek government had reached "rock bottom," and that he hopes it resigns after Sunday's referendum, AFP reported. He told German Handelsblatt business daily that "new elections would be necessary if the Greek people vote for the reform program and thus for remaining in the eurozone and Tsipras, as a logical consequence, resigns. - AFP

18:00 - With the front-page title " What will happen with Greek bank deposits ", financial weekly Agora reports when Greece’s bank will open and about capital controls. The paper reveals what will happen after Sunday’s referendum and what are the plans of the Greek government after referendum’s result. enikos

17:30 - "The 'No' vote in the referendum will restart the negotiation on Monday. Based on the unity of the Greek people and the rejection of the ultimatums, the Greek government will negotiate with better terms," government spokesman Gavriil Sakellaridis said on Thursday. Sakellaridis noted that "the Greek government has given a difficult battle so that pensions are not reduced" adding that five years of memoranda led to pensions cuts of 14 billion euros which, however, were not enough for creditors and the domestic troika. "As days go by, more and more people understand the reality. More and more break the fear, close their ears to the unprecedented propaganda, do not succumb to blackmail," he concluded. - ANA-MPA

16:55 - Britis lay more blame for the Greek crisis on the current and previous Greek governments rather than the ‘troika. In a recent poll 41% said Athens bears more responsibility for the current Greek debt crisis, versus only 11% who blame the troika. Another 29% say both parties are equally at fault while only 18% are unsure either way. This means roughly half of those with an opinion put at least half of the blame on Europe, but the vast majority actually blame Greece and the Greeks. -

16:50 - While speaking in Cotonou, Benin, French President Francois Hollande said on Thursday that Greece's creditors could get a new rescue deal quickly if Greek citizens vote 'YES' at this Sunday's referendum. The Associated Press quoted Hollande as saying that the "consequences are not the same if it's a yes or no. If it's the yes, even if it's on the basis of proposals that have already expired, negotiations can resume and I imagine be quickly concluded. We are in something of an unknown." - Associated Press 

16:30 - In an interview with the German TV channel ZDF, European Parliament President Martin Schulz noted Europe's willingness to help the people of Greece but stressed that Europe will not help the Greek government. "We are ready to help the Greek people, but we are by no means willing to help the Greek government," Schultz said, commenting on a decision by Athens to hold a national referendum on Sunday. He characterized the Greek government as being incapable of sticking to the agreements reached with international lenders. When referring to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Schultz said his behavior is "dangerous and irresponsible". - TV channel ZDF 

16:00 - A GPO poll cited by said 47 percent leaned toward a “yes” vote, an endorsement of austerity and the international bailout. The “no” camp, the government’s position rejecting those terms, was 43 percent. The margin of error in the survey of 1,000 people was 3.1 percentage points.  -

15:35 - Independent Greeks (ANEL) MP Costas Damovolitis was apparently expelled by Defence Minister and leader of ANEL Panos Kammenos on Thursday, after Damovolitis said that he would vote YES at this Sunday’s referendum. Following the move, Kammenos said that "we are at war. If someone cannot bear the pressure he leaves”. Speaking earlier today on Greek radio, Damovolitis said he believed the referendum question essentially boiled down to choosing between the Euro and the Drachma and expressed his concern about the future. - ProtoThema

15:20 - Honorary chief of staff and former Minister of National Defense General Frangoulis Frangos also made a statement in favor of the YES vote on Thursday noting that noone is authorized (or has the right) to proceed with the destruction of Greece. He said that he is saddened with the "irresponsibility" of the present coalition government because it is ridiculing our homeland and the Greek people worldwide. He warned that we are being led to difficult paths with much uncertainty as well as to complete impoverishment  as a nation, as a result of the "criminal irresponsibility" of those who deceived a whole nation of people with false promises. He then called on all Greeks to vote YES at this Sunday's referendum.- defencenet

14:15 - Former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis broke his silence on Thursday and in a televised statement urged Greeks to vote YES in this Sunday's referendum. He said: "Europe is our home, Greece is an undetachable part of Europe." "Those who, while well-intentioned, believe that by voting 'No' will achieve a stronger bargaining position are making a serious mistake...This vote will be interpreted as a choice of exit" from the euro. "On Sunday, we say 'Yes' to Europe, prudently and with respect for the sacrifices Greeks have made," he added. In his short intervention, Karamanlis said that, in tackling Greece's high debt, the European Union made mistakes that "have affected many fellow citizens." Any such mistakes, however, were overridden by the need to stay in "Europe's core", the Eurozone, beause an exit would have "an unthinkably higher cost".- Reuters, ANA-MPA, enikos

13:00 - Independent Greeks MP Vasilis Kokkalis has requested that Sunday’s crucial referendum be withdrawn, otherwise he will vote ‘yes’, he told ANT1 on Thursday morning. Kokkalis argued that he approved the referendum because he received assurances from government spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis that capital controls would not come into effect. As such he appealed to the President of the Republic to call a council meeting of political leader and cancel Sunday’s critical referendum. Similarly, Independent Greeks MP Kostas Damavolitis sated that on the Athina 9.84 radio station that he will vote ‘yes’ on Sunday, claiming that that choice is between an agreement with painful measures or a rupture with Europe. Damavolitis estimated that the people will vote in favor of an agreement and expressed his doubts as to the negotiations that the government will be able to enter, should a ‘no’ vote prevail. A third Independent Greeks MP, Dimitris Kammenos, also announced that he would vote ‘yes’ on Sunday and called for the withdrawal of the referendum, which he explained is polarizing the Greek people. Kammenos, who made his announcement via his Twitter account, added that Greece’s position in Europe and the Eurozone are non-negotiable and called the Greek people to vote ‘yes’ in the referendum. Meanwhile Independent Greeks MP Nikos Mavraganis stated that while he will vote ‘no’ on Sunday, he argued that the referendum is “illegitimate”. Mavraganis added that "castles fall when they are based on Trojan horses" - ANA-MPA/ToVima

11: 00 - Minister of Finances Yanis Varoufakis announced that if the Greek people vote ‘yes’ in Sunday’s referendum, then he would resign and help anyone who is to succeed him. - Bloomberg

10:00 - Former Prime Minister and PASOK president Kostas Simitis issued a statement urging Greek citizens to vote ‘yes’ on Sunday, in order to ensure Greece’s Eurozone membership and prospects of growth. He said that a ‘no’ vote would result in further financial destabilization, suspension of funding, recession and chaos, as evident by the closed banks. - SKAI Tv

09:45 - It was announced that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will deliver a speech in Syntagma Square on Friday, in support of the NO vote. A pro-Europe demonstration has been scheduled to take place at the Panathenaic “Kaillimarmaro” Stadium in Athens at the same time. ANA-MPA

09:30 - President of the Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos noted that remaining within the Eurozone is the only option for Greece, ahead of the critical referendum on Sunday. According to Mega Channel, Pavlopoulos argued that the referendum has meaning when it does not polarize and divide society. He also said that the euro is necessary not only to secure the financial stability of Greece, but for the country’s national survival. - SKai Tv

09:30 - Vice President of Parliament and SYRIZA’s parliamentary spokesman Alexis Mitropoulos asserted that Alexis Tsipras must stay on, even if the people vote ‘yes’ in the referendum, as it would be inconceivable for him to desert the Greek people in their toughest decision. He said that Tsipras must continue as Prime Minister in order to protect the people, who will have voted for a hard package of measures. Should the people vote ‘no’, he added, then the Prime Minister will enter negotiations without the hard package of measures.

09:30 - Earlier today, the head of the Karamanlis founation, Petros Moliviatis released a statement to the press stressing the dangers of a Grexit, and encouraged Greeks everywhere to vote YES at this Sunday's referendum because it secures the safety of this country. Readers of HellasFrappe should keep in mind that Petros Moliviatis is the same man who encouraged Costas Karamanlis to bridge ties with Russia and China, which brought extremly important investments to Greece. He is one of the best diplomats that Greece has ever known and his opinion not only has a heavy importance, it sends a loud message to all those who truly want the safety and welfare of this country.

 09:00 - Far-left SYRIZA minister Panagiotis Lafazanis wants ‘new agreement absolutely compatible with our program’, otherwise he says his government will promote "alternative plan". The exact nature of the plan wasn’t revealed by Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, who spoke to a Russian news site, Rossiya 24. Lafazanis, whose views express the extreme Left Platform within SYRIZA, warned that “if the dominant circles of Europe do not return the ELA after the referendum and the loud ‘no’ of the Greek people, then the government has a plan to deal with this situation.” Asked by the reporter for more details, Lafazanis, whose portfolio also includes the five-year-plan sounding “productive reconstruction” moniker, declined to expand. - ProtoThema/Rossiya 24

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