July 3, 2015

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BREAKING - Tsakalotos admits on camera that Greece risks a rift with Europe (VIDEO)

Alternate Minister of International Economic Relations and main bailout negotiator Euclid Tsakalotos appeared on SKAI tv on Friday morning where he explained that the referendum was called in order to avoid snap elections. Tsakalotos noted that the best course of action would have been to hold a referendum a month earlier. He basically admitted that had the government submitted its agreement proposal in Parliament, it would not have passed, and this would have triggered national elections immediately (or within a three week period). He then said that Greece is risking a rift with Europe by selecting to hold the referendum but stressed that he could not support a ‘yes’ verdict if it came out Sunday.

Tsakalotos also ruled out the possibility of bail-in on Greek deposits.
     "We had a package that we did not believe in. We had a choice to bring it to Parliament and not to pass it. In my view, it would not have been accepted by SYRIZA, and the government, but it would not be accepted, so the government would fall.... and then we would have had three weeks for elections which are much more difficult to manage from a bank holiday with only five working days. So we had the choice to go to referendum where the referendum would be only eight days so that the people could decide."
When asked what differences obstructed them to sign the agreement he said: "We told them that we could not sign something that said sign this and if you are obedient children by October we will look into the issue of the debt again." He then said that there were also differences on the issues of proposed reforms -mostly in the public sector- as well as the return of collective worker contracts.

When asked whether there is a possibility of haircut on Greek bank deposits, Tsakalotos argued that such an event would not occur, and then he cited ECB chief Mario Draghi, who commented that the central bankers cannot solve Greece’s political problems.

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