June 5, 2015

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Support from Putin: Russia will stand by Greece - "The money is at your disposal"

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Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras held a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at 13:00 on Friday, where he briefed him on the developments with regards to the impasse that has developed with Greece's creditors and issues related to Tsipras’ upcoming visit to St. Petersburg later on in June, as well as the cooperation of the two countries in the business and energy sectors.

Putin expressed his support to Greece and assured Tsipras that Russia will be by Greece's side on whatever it needs.

The move shows that Putin fully understands Greece's decision not to pay Friday's instalment of 300 million euros to the IMF. It is however reported that the four upcoming payments to the IMF will be made by June 30th (or will be merged into one payment). He commented characteristically that "people are above numbers" .

Concerning Greece's participation in the BRICS development bank, or the IMF's rival, Putin said that he is eager to meet with Tsipras on June 18th when the bank holds its forum in St. Petersburg.
     "We expect to see you on June 18 in St. Petersburg at the BRICS forum in order to discuss the details of Greece's participation. Both I and my colleagues in China, India, Brazil and South Africa want the participation of Greece. "
Turning to the GreekStream natural gas pipeline, Putin stated that: "the money is at the disposal of Greece, whenever it deems it necessary," and then both leaders discussed possible alternative transit routes to Italy and from there to Slovenia.

It should be reminded that Tsipras is scheduled to appear at the international business forum to be held in St. Petersburg between June 18-20 as a guest of honor. The Greek prime minister had visited the Kremlin earlier in April, where decisions were taken regarding the GreekStream natural gas pipeline.

Source: defencenet

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