May 4, 2015

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SHOCK - Father kills 4-yr old daughter, slices her up, flushes & boils body parts

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Press reports claim that Ani Borisova, a 4-year-old child, who had been reported missing by her Roma Bulgarian parents since April 21, was apparently found dead. It should be reminded that young Anni’s disappearance was announced on April 24th. The shocking report would have probably gone unnoticed, however, it was announced that her young Bulgarian father not only sliced up his daughter's body, disposing some of her body parts in the sewage system, but he also boiled some of her body parts and scattered them throughout several locations around the greater Athens area.

The shocking details began to surface when authorities said the corpse of the Bulgarian girl may never be found, only a few hours after the suspect allegedly admitted to killing his daughter.

A key witness in the case, said to be the Bulgarian man's roommate, apparently told authorities that the 27-year-old suspect, identified as “Savvas”, had made suspicious comments to him.

Aside from blood samples that were found at the suspect’s apartment, and which apparently belong to the little girl, Greek police also began to question several discrepancies in the statements of both the father and mother. Obviously the question now centres on the motive and if the mother of the child, who reportedly lived elsewhere, can shed light on the case.

Luckily the 27-year-old father (reported to be a heroin addict) has been arrested.

The child was the focus of a recent episode of "Fos Sto Tunnel" (which was shown on Alpha Tv). Check out what the parents said only several days ago.

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