May 30, 2013

BOOK OPPORTUNITY - The Most Beautiful Villages of Greece

From the terra cotta and ocher of the Ionian Islands to the brilliant blues and whites of the Aegean, the villages of Greece and its islands are incomparable. The variety of village life and buildings springs from a multitude of histories and influences, yet these towns are all, in their separate ways, quintessentially Greek.

From north to south through the mainland and the Peloponnese, from west to east through the islands, there is a mixture of intimacy and grandeur. The Ionian Islands are home to belfried churches, pitched tile roofs, and porticoes, reflecting years of Venetian rule. The flat-roofed white houses of the Cyclades, startling against the blue Aegean sea, seem to express the very essence of Greece. And there are many other gems as well, with ancient temples, sandy bays, and cobbled paths. 285 full-color photographs.

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BOOK OPPORTUNITY - Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir

In this startling new memoir, Sibel Edmonds - the most classified woman in U.S. history - takes us on a surreal journey that begins with the secretive FBI and down the dark halls of a feckless Congress to a stonewalling judiciary and finally, to the national security whistleblowers movement she spearheaded. Having lived under Middle East dictatorships, Edmonds knows firsthand what can happen when government is allowed to operate in secret.

Hers is a sobering perspective that combines painful experience with a rallying cry for the public’s right to know and to hold the lawbreakers accountable.

With U.S. citizens increasingly stripped of their rights in a calibrated media blackout, Edmonds’ story is a wake-up call for all Americans who, willingly or unwillingly, traded liberty for illusive security in the wake of 9/11.

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15-Year Old Mirto's Battle For Life - Off To US For Treatement

 One year later, the young 15-year old girl who was raped, and brutally attacked on the island of Paros last summer by an illegal immigrant, continues to give a battle for her life. The press hardly mentions her name, and the media is not making a fuss over her suffering anymore because it might offend some Brussels hotheads who continue to call Greeks racists. HellasFrappe has not forgotten about Mirto's sad story, and we will continue to report on her condition, even though there are many voices that want us to shut up and to forget!

The teenage girl, that was brutally assaulted last July by a 21-year-old illegal migrant from Pakistan, while she was on vacation on the Aegean island of Paros with her family, is finally going to be taken to a rehabilitation centre in the United States. The girl is currently treated in Athens' Evangelismos Hospital.

Following an order by Health Minister Andreas Lykourentzos, National Organisation for Health Care (EOPYY) President Lefteris Papageorgopoulos approved the funds needed for the treatment of the young girl abroad and preparations are underway to be airlifted to the United States.

Mirto, who was 15 at the time of the attack, was sexually assaulted and was found seriously injured on July 23 at a beach on the popular island of Paros, one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean.

The girl, her mother and her sister were staying at the home of friends for a brief vacation, and after an afternoon swim at the Chryssi Akti beach the mother lost sight of the girl and searched her out, eventually finding the teen unconscious and injured behind an outcropping of rocks. The girl bore several wounds to the head and face, while the lower part of her bathing suit was missing. Subsequent tests confirmed that she had been raped.

The girl was initially taken to the Paros Health Centre but due to the gravity of her injuries was transferred by helicopter to an Athens hospital where she underwent surgery for serious head injuries.

A 21-year-old Pakistani national illegally residing in Greece, who was illegally employed at a Paros hotel, confessed to the sexual assault and brutal attack of the girl. He was positively identified as the perpetrator through DNA testing. (AMNA)

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The Hells Angels, The Trafficking of Cocaine, And the Greeks!

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has been in Athens, Greece for many years now. They have opened a chapter in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and they are also forming other chapters across the country in regions such as Chania, Crete.

Who are They?

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC) is a worldwide motorcycle club whose members typically ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles and is considered an organized crime syndicate by the U.S. Department of Justice. In the United States and Canada, the Hells Angels are incorporated as the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation. Common nicknames for the club are the "H.A.", "Red & White", and "81" (H and A being the eighth and first letters of the alphabet).

As to why this gang is in Greece is indeed a mystery. One thing is for sure, the powers that be in Greece allowed this "Red & White Machine" to roll on into the country without any violence.

They are after all a gang and as we all know -and has been reported- most of its members all over the world are into a plethora of criminal activity such as narcotics, motorcycle theft, fraud, extortion, murder, assault, as well as many legal business' like tattoo shops, bars, motorcycle shops, etc.

But in some bizzare and twisted way they also do a lot of good. It is rumored that they do bike drives for various issues, and across the world we have seen them conduct these drives for kids with cancer. What's more they even apparently donate their long hair so that children who have cancer can once again gain the hair that they lost during chemotherapy.

If the "Godfathers of the Night" even dared to make a move against the club, then be certain that clubs from all over Europe would unite to back their brothers in Greece against this mafia. Of course, there is also a small chance that Greece would be evacuated to later be re-taken by the "Brotherhood." For now, their closest rival is probably their sworn enemies, the Mongols, who are quite a distance away, or in Italy.

We here at HellasFrappe have not really noted any criminal activity from the chapter in Greece. Quite the contrary, someone on our staff accidentally came face to face with one member in the summer of  2012 and described him as a pretty nice guy!

Nonetheless, this is their website address in Greece -

Any way you cut it, news about biker gangs making house in Greece, or any type of gangs is frightening, but as we stated earlier and as common sense dictates, these boys don't really bother anyone if they are not bothered first.

Besides, the Hells Angels have a history with the Greeks.

(Yes we were being sarcastic).

The Greeks in Canada, and more specifically in Calgary actually have a great relationship with the Hells Angels and a profound reputation of being involved with the trafficking of cocaine. According to the link posted below the Greeks in Calgary are well known in Western Canada for having shady dealings with that city's chapter of the notorious Hells Angels gang. In fact they were involved in smuggling cocaine and heroin. More precisely, the Hells Angels out of Calgary and Kelowna sanctioned Greeks in the area of Vernon to carry out their business and this Greek organization's activity involved homicides, high-echelon level drug trafficking as well as controlling street-level trafficking! Basically they were involved in just about every type of criminal activity imaginable.

Finally in Australia, Greek Australian Hells Angels associate, Peter Zervas, stood trial some time ago over a vicious airport brawl in Sydney’s airport. The brawl led to the murder of his brother Anthony Zervas. Not much information was given about this case, because Peter Zervas refused to give any details in the case, even though he was mysteriously shot -but survived- outside of a relatives home a little after his siblings murder.

International Presence

On July the 30th. 1969 the first European Hells Angels charter was accepted in London, England and today there are more than 125 charters in Europe alone. In the end of the seventies Australian clubs were admitted and in 1984, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil became the first South American charter. In 1993 Hells Angels came to the African continent with a charter in Johannesburg, South Africa. Eastern Europe got its own Hells Angels charter in the new millennium and since then many more countries have been granted the now famous winged death head.

The admission of clubs all over the globe caused changes in the structure of Hells Angels. The small motorcycle club from Berdoo in the US was now mother charter of the world´s biggest motorcycle brotherhood HELLS ANGELS MOTORCYCLE CLUB WORLD.

Today Hells Angels MC World has charters in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bohemia (Czech Republic), Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, United States and Wales. Clubs from new countries seeking admission are to be found in Japan, Lithuania , Latvia and Romania.


Kissinger Calls On China to Form “World Order” (VIDEO)

In the video above, Rockefeller protégé and operative Henry Kissinger calls for the United States and the authoritarian government of China to work together to create a globalist totalitarian government.
     “The challenge is,” Kissinger told the Asia Society last week, “how to build a world order for the first time in history on a global basis. We talk a lot about world community but the fact is there has never been a world community before” and he then suggested China and the U.S. collaborate on such an effort.
David Rockefeller has paid homage to the communist Chairman Mao, the most prolific mass murderer of the 20th century (responsible for the liquidation of between 49-78,000,000 Chinese).

Rockefeller regards Mao as an ideal leader and the communist revolution and its murderous political purges as a template for world government.
     “Whatever the price of the Chinese revolution [an indirect reference to millions killed] , it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose… The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history,” Rockefeller wrote for the New York Times on August 10, 1973.
Rockefeller lavished praise on Mao and the communists three years before the end of the Cultural Revolution in China. Conservative estimates of the death toll exacted by Mao’s cultural purge exceed 30 million people.

Rockefeller’s trusted minion, Henry Kissinger, believes now is the time to export what Mao did in China to the entire world.

Kurt Nimmo -

More Sex Please We're Greek: Exposing The Myth of Platonic Love

Plato lent his name to Platonic love but a new book reveals that the ancient Greek philosopher never advocated love without sex. University of Manchester science historian Dr Jay Kennedy, who hit the headlines some time ago after revealing he had cracked the code in the great thinker's writings, published a decoder's manual that lays bare the secret content of Plato's ancient works.
     "Plato – the Einstein of Greece's Golden Age – was long thought to favour love without sex, or 'Platonic love', but this new research reveals Plato was far from being a prude," says Dr Kennedy, who is based in Manchester's Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine.
     "The decoded symbols in fact show that Plato was not an advocate of Platonic love at all; rather he urged a middle path. For him, morality meant moderation – he wanted people to avoid both promiscuity and abstinence.
     "Before Plato, sex was about rutting and producing heirs. Plato marks a shift in the history of Western sexuality and some say he invented romance, but, for him, erotic passion was a spiritual force that helps us find our true selves within the deepest, human bond. Eros, or love, was a creative force that inspired art, literature, and the sciences."
Dr Kennedy cracked the code within Plato's texts last year when an unexpected insight led him to realise that Greek music was key to interpreting the writings of the Athenian philosopher and mathematician. Kennedy's new book, The Musical Structure of Plato's Dialogues, reports on the hidden doctrines revealed so far, including those in The Symposium, a philosophical text concerned with love.
     "Plato's teacher Socrates famously spent the night alone with the leading sex-symbol of ancient Athens but resisted temptation," says Dr Kennedy.
     "Plato tells the story to show that true love aims at the soul and not the body, so many thought he was anti-sex and the myth of Platonic love spread far and wide. But Plato also celebrated eroticism and homosexuality, and shared the Greek view that naked bodies were beautiful, so historians have long debated his views."
Socrates was later executed for corrupting the morals of young people and Dr Kennedy has now shown that Plato, also fearing persecution, hid his own philosophy using a system of musical symbols.
     "Plato divided each of his writings into 12 parts, inserting a symbol marking a musical note at each twelfth," explains Dr Kennedy. "At harmonious notes he placed positive ideas such as love and goodness, while at dissonant notes he placed negative ideas such as rejection, quarrelling and evil. These musical patterns are a hidden commentary on Plato's stories and tell us which characters and which ideas he favoured."
In The Symposium – Plato's great play about love and sex – cheap attempts to trade sex for profit or favour sit above dissonant notes in the musical scale showing Plato's disapproval. But passages about erotic passion born of an abiding love for another's soul sit on top of some of the most harmonic notes, meaning he accepted sex as a part of true love.

There are also a number of symbols that reveal that Plato rejected both promiscuity and asceticism. It can now be definitely shown that, for Plato, virtue was a middle path or mean that avoided extremes.

The term "Platonic love" originated only 500 years ago. In the Renaissance, postponing sex was an important step toward the equality of women; the Queen of England even commissioned plays to spread the idea. At a time when women were treated as slaves or baby-machines, Platonic love meant longer courtships and delaying the dangers of childbirth.

Kennedy adds:
     "At the beginning of the modern era, women cleverly used Plato's reputation as a genius to get men to pay attention to their minds. Platonic love was an argument for not settling down and allowing women to participate in arts and culture in the royal court. When sex often meant an early death, Plato was a licence for having more fun.
     "Plato's importance cannot be overstated. He shifted humanity from a warrior society to a wisdom society. Today, because of him, our heroes are Einstein and Shakespeare and not knights in shining armour."

Eat Watermelon It Lowers Blood Pressure - Keeps Heart Healthy!

No matter how you slice it, having a piece of watermelon on a hot summer day in Greece is by far as Greek as you can get. Add a little bit of feta on your plate and you are feasting as a God. Watermelon is sweet, low in calories, high in fiber, and a nutritious fruit that is actually very beneficial to our health. Evidence from a pilot study led by food scientists at The Florida State University suggests that watermelon can be an effective natural weapon against prehypertension, which a precursor to cardiovascular disease.

It is the first investigation of its kind in humans. FSU Assistant Professor Arturo Figueroa and Professor Bahram H. Arjmandi found that when six grams of the amino acid L-citrulline/L-arginine from watermelon extract was administered daily for six weeks, there was improved arterial function and consequently lowered aortic blood pressure in all nine of their prehypertensive subjects (four men and five postmenopausal women, ages 51-57).
     "We are the first to document improved aortic hemodynamics in prehypertensive but otherwise healthy middle-aged men and women receiving therapeutic doses of watermelon," Figueroa said. "These findings suggest that this 'functional food' has a vasodilatory effect, and one that may prevent prehypertension from progressing to full-blown hypertension, a major risk factor for heart attacks and strokes.
     "Given the encouraging evidence generated by this preliminary study, we hope to continue the research and include a much larger group of participants in the next round," he said.
Why watermelon?
     "Watermelon is the richest edible natural source of L-citrulline, which is closely related to L-arginine, the amino acid required for the formation of nitric oxide essential to the regulation of vascular tone and healthy blood pressure," Figueroa said.
Once in the body, the L-citrulline is converted into L-arginine. Simply consuming L-arginine as a dietary supplement isn't an option for many hypertensive adults, said Figueroa, because it can cause nausea, gastrointestinal tract discomfort, and diarrhea.

Watermelon or watermelon extract is also available in the synthetic form in pills, which Figueroa used in a previous study of younger, male subjects. That investigation showed that four weeks of L-citrulline slowed or weakened the increase in aortic blood pressure in response to cold exposure. It was an important finding, said Figueroa, since there is a greater occurrence of myocardial infarction associated with hypertension during the cold winter months.
     "Individuals with increased blood pressure and arterial stiffness –– especially those who are older and those with chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes –– would benefit from L-citrulline in either the synthetic or natural (watermelon) form," Figueroa said. "The optimal dose appears to be four to six grams a day."
A large percentage of adults are prehypertensive or hypertensive. Prehypertension is characterized by systolic blood pressure readings of 120-139 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) over diastolic pressure of 80-89 mm Hg. "Systolic" refers to the blood pressure when the heart is contracting. "Diastolic" reflects the blood pressure when the heart is in a period of relaxation and expansion.

Findings from Figueroa's pilot study at Florida State are described in the American Journal of Hypertension. A copy of the paper ("Effects of Watermelon Supplementation on Aortic Blood Pressure and Wave Reflection in Individuals With Prehypertension: A Pilot Study") can be accessed online.

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