November 24, 2013

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Sfakianakis To Vandi: I Don't Give A F***ck If They Slam Me For Supporting Golden Dawn (VIDEO)

Responding to the statements made by popular singer Despina Vandi, as well as a plethora of critics (who are all well-known PASOK supporters), well-known singer Notis Sfakianakis made a comeback on Saturday night, and boldly said it like it is. Last week he boldly stated his support for the Golden Dawn party, while he characterized the PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos a “pig.”

Speaking to a reporter on STAR channel, Sfakianakis revealed that Despina Vandi and her husband (former soccer player) Demis Nikolaidis are formal members of PASOK, as is the vast majority of Grece's showbiz community. In this system, anyone who has a difference of opinion that differs to that of PASOK is considered "finished" or basically cannot ever enjoy a career. He is right, very few had the courage to collide with the PASOK regime in the past and those who did were ridiculed, shunned and never given the opportunity to express their talent.

Sfakianakis, who has always been politically outspoken, and as we said in a previous post, does not chew his words very easily, has made many heads turn with some of the things that he has said about the Greek political system from time to time, but we have to give him credit for stating his views openly and boldly even if they differ to that of the "establishment's".

And when you get right down to it why shouldn't he state his opinion? He has made his fortune, has enjoyed a great career in the music industry and therefore can stand with confidence and make his views known when asked. Besides, he is really not saying anything new, the majority of the Greek people are saying the same thing!

During his interview on Saturday night he said that people should not concentrate on what Sfakianakis (or any Sfakianakis says and/or does), but rather stop being ignorant and begin caring about what is going on around Greece.

Turning his attention to some of the negative comments that he received on the social media a couple of days ago after openly declaring that only Golden Dawn can govern this country correctly, Sfakianakis said that the events and hardships that we are witnessing everyday in Greece are "unprecedented".

     "People are saying that you are a Golden Dawn supporter."
     "They can all go f***ck themselves. I am Notis Sfakianakis and I am a Greek, I do not have any other titles. That is who I am, tell them to all go f***ck themselves. I have no self-interest, it is you I worry about, because you might not have a job tomorrow. I have made my fortune. But I am concerned about you because tomorrow they (the government, Troika) will tyrannize you, or will lock you up in jail because you dared to speak your mind ... The dictatorship that is governing us, that imprisons people with any given name, (is not a fantasy it) is a reality. Tomorrow they will knock on your door, or even my door ... Do you understand? I don't care what people say about me, whether this is positive or negative. If they do, then their criticism should be justifully supported."
Oh how right he is, because the racist for the Greeks anti-racism bill will prohibit people from expressing their point of views and opinions on matters that concern them from now on. We are already seeing this being implemented across the world, where the New World Order has already began to crash down on whistle blowers, on people who boldly state their opinion, or against all of those who do not bow to the establishment, much in the way it is politically correct to some religious groups yet ignores much of the suffering that many Christians are faced with.

Asked to comment on Despina Vandi's decision to abandon their collaboration this winter season at one of the Greek capital's top nightclubs, Sfakianaks placed Vandi in her place by stating that he himself was an immigrant and not a child of immigrants as D. Vandi did one day earlier.

Why did Vandi say this? Because everyone associates the Golden Dawn party with violence and.or attacks against illegal immigrants.
Moments after Notis Sfakianakis openly expressed his political views, as well as his support for the Golden Dawn party Vandi announced that she would break off her collaboration with Sfakianakis. In a message posted on her Facebook fan page she said that her upcoming joint appearance in Athens with him was off “because the things that divide us are more than those that bring us together.”
     “My parents were migrants,” said Vandi, causing a wave of comments on social media.
Commenting on this Sfakianakis said:
     "My mother and I were immigrants. Her decision is wrong untimely and invalid. I respect the views and position of everyone, but desire and demand that they also respect my views and positions as well."
Turning to the comments made by playright Elena Akrita on her social media page, Sfakianakis asked with what audacity she made these statements since it is well known that she has always served and bowed to the regime named PASOK.

Akritas, who wanted to criticize Sfakianaki for what he said about GD last week basically made a mockery out of one of his most popular songs "Gennethleia" by adding her own lyrics: "As a wounded fasist in the soil, I am searching for the strength to hold on." The funny thing is that people such as Akrita, who have enjoyed fame and fortune, and who are especially well liked by the establishment, have no clue and/or concept about what is going on in society, because quite frankly they are too caught up in their artsy-fartsy worlds to care. They rely on people's ignorance, and forgetfulness and truly believe that only they can state their opinion because they belong to a more cultured and intellectual society. They are so sadly mistaken because the sins of PASOK over the last four decades have directly affected three generations of people in this country, and the only thing people detest is another statement, or a lifestyle story of her jetting off to Mykonos for the weekend (metaphorically speaking) while making statements about the poor and hungry!

Can't you all see the irony in that?

Despina is another story. Vandi has known and has collaborated with Sfakianakis in the past and we are one hundred percent certain that she knows his character better than we all do. So why did his views suddenly come as such a shock to her? Has anyone asked themselves this? We believe that her decision to abandon the collaboration with Sfakianakis really has no substance, because his statements did not come as a surprise to her since she has known and worked with him years, and she was well aware of his loathing for the PASOK party and his political ideologies. So what changed? Nothing changed. She simply wanted to certify her devotion to Venizelos' collapsing regime, and she did.

Don't you just love socialists? They make statements about feeding the hungry, or about human rights and equality and everyone in the media praises them and applauds them. And yes, they did this for Despina as well, describing her to be in tune with the people because she had the stamina to break off her collaboration with Sfakianaki. Yeah... Right.

Socialist? Wake Up Ellada!!

She hops into her 100,000 Euro jeep -that she only uses in the winter time (because in the summer she drives around in a "Porsche")- and drives back to her 5,000,000 Euro home every night after her shows, and this woman is in tune with the people?

Friends, people like her have no care in the world. She is part of the establishment! She is very comfortable ($$$) defending PASOK-only ideologies (about Golden Dawn) because she owes them big time for everything she enjoys! People like her have no concept of how average citizens live in this country. She should not be praised.

People who boldly state their opinion should be praised because they have everything to lose and do not settle.

In a real democracy people have every right to voice their beliefs and people like her, and/or Akrita, have no say whatsoever. Correct us if we are wrong? But aren't all these so-called progressives fighting against facism? Aren't they fighting against the rich poor gap?

Do you understand why we take offence to the media's praise of her now?

Frappers, we may not agree with Sfakianakis' opinions and views but we will be damned as hell for not allowing him to voice them. We believe in the concept of democracy and will do everything in power to allow all voices to be heard,

We may hate communism, but this does not mean that we would ban them from existence, and shun everyone who supports them because it does not fall under our own beliefs, This is why we detest PASOK much like Notis does, because they were architects in dividing the Greeks these past four decades. And this is not just heresay, a couple of weeks ago Theodore Pangalos openly said that they should jail all of GD's supporters (meaning half a million people).

And then they wonder why Golden Dawn is rising in the polls... Jeeezzz

If, on the other, you were planning a huge bash on New Year's Eve at one of Vandi's shows and are now disappointed about the possibility of not watching her perform, don't. The establishment always takes care of its own and it is more than certain that we will see her in another nightclub elsewhere.

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