November 7, 2013

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Riot Police Storm ERT Building, SYRIZA Rushes To Scene, Ex-Workers Call Out For Support

ERT 06
ERT 06 (Photo credit: gdiakoum)
Accompanied by a public prosecutor, the Greek riot police stormed the ERT building early on Thursday morning, or at about 4:20 am, and then proceeded to the entrance of the building asking employees to immediately evacuate the premises.

The government had shut down ERT on June 11, and fired all of its 2,600 state workers, but they were still illegally occupying the public state building and broadcasting their own bootleg news show via satellite and over the Internet demanding that the State reopen ERT. Arguing that ERT ate up 300 million Euros annually, the government has repeatedly refused to reinstate it in its previous form.

A few scuffles broke out between some of the protesters and riot police, who had cordoned off the area and blocked the entrance to the building and from what has been reported so far authorities also fired small rounds of teargas to disperse some of the protesters, while four former union workers were detained for resisting authorities.

At present the riot police has blocked all entrances to and around the building while journalists still remain outside the building together with the other police forces. Also, the prosecutor, who is accompanied by authorities, is inside the building and checking on the multi-million State-owned equipment that is registered in ERT’s inventory.

Not surprisingly, members of SYRIZA flocked to the scene and are now demanding to enter the headquarters, despite a denial from the prosecutor.

 Athens Journalists' Union (ESIEA) president Maria Antoniadou said she and members of the board were on site "to defend the right of our colleagues to work," while Panhellenic Federation of Journalists' Unions (POESY) president Giorgos Savvidis requested permission to enter the premises as union representative.

President of POSPERT (ERT staff) Panagiotis Kalfagiannis charged the government with trying to mislead the public and with choosing to intervene with police "to muddy the waters with (arrival of) the troika of Greece's lenders and (new) measures." The ERT building was found in a perfect state, he said, and blamed the special government-appointed manager for not taking inventory of the equipment on the premises, as requested by staff through a court order as of mid-July. He also announced that former ERT employees would hold an assembly at 16:00 on Thursday.

The union representatives were joined by a delegation from main opposition party (SYRIZA), deputies of which protested that they were not allowed to approach the building for 2.5 hours.

According to information, the police headquarters in Athens (GADA) had requested the presence of a prosecutor during the operation who would also be able to mediate so as to avoid the process of drawing up a case file and have people arrested. The prosecutor appointed was Nikos Gyzis.

Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou: In a statement on Thursday referring to police's intervention to ERT building Kedikoglou said that the law was implemented and the order has been restored. "ERT building was under illegal occupation with result losses for the Greek State and police's intervention was held in the presence of a prosecutor.

On their part, the workers are now calling on supporters to mass around the building and demanding that they act "now”.

(Act how, by causing chaos at public State property which they were illegally occupying? Are there any laws against those who call on people to rally and cause chaos? Can't people rally in peace for once in this country? Or are there forces that were getting ready to use ERT as a base for a new polytechnic rising... Hmmm... Check articles below for more info. on that one... After all November 17 is just days away.)

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