May 28, 2013

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Ploutarxos Slams Critics of Golden Dawn - Discusses Why He Supports The Party

Following Notis Sfakianakis, Petros Gaitanos and many other artists, popular singer Giannis Ploutarxos recently said that the rise of the ultra-right in Greece is the result of great injustices to the Greek people. Ploutarxos, who has never spoken out publicly about his political views, told the Proto Thema newspaper at the weekend that even though he isn't a fan of extremes there are many reasons why the Golden Dawn is so popular with the people. He also said that he does not have a problem in voting for politicians such as Elias Kasidiaris.
    "On a personal level, the slogans that some use to scare people away such as the radical and/or ultra-right or ultra-left, are meaningless to me. If these parties manage the problems of the Greek people with respect, I would be the first to vote for them."
When asked to comment on the phenomenal rise of the Golden Dawn party, Ploutaros said that the rise of these extremes in Greece should have been expected.
     "It is a result of a wider frustration of the people, an enormous injustice. Although I'm not a man of extremes, I would like to ask you what more damage do you think would happen (to this country) if one of these ultra-left or ultra-right parties governed Greece rather than the traditional parties that have already governed the country."
     "All these 'democratic' parties looted this country and destroyed this nation, and they forced the people to work for a mere 400 Euros and to even say thank you for it. (In Greece, the media, politicians) everyone talks about a fascist Golden Dawn party but what they refuse to talk about is how the labors of a lifetime were stolen from the people! What is that in your opinion? Isn't that a Junta on its own, or more specifically a capitalist Junta? Society is so disoriented and so petrified (with everything that is going on) that it has reached the point where it is even willing to give the opportunity to an extreme party".
In the same interview, the popular singer also said that the voices that continue to blame the Greeks for the present economic situation should cease to exist, because quite simply the people of this country have worked very hard and this should be respected.
     "It is unjust," he noted.
He said they tricked Greek citizens into believing that they are responsible for the present economic situation, by implementing and executing a well thought out plan, but the citizens of this country are not to blame! "Not in the slightest bit," he added.
     "Over the past three years, I have regrettably noted that democracy is something that cannot be enforced by humans. It is a clever lie that covers the corruption of politicians. "
Ploutarxos is right. Greek citizens are not to blame, or at least the majority of the people are not to blame.

Over the past three decades the political system in Greece influenced its voters to purchase Cayenne cars, to spend all their savings at the bouzoukia because it was glamorous, to run off to Mykonos so that they can be spotted on popular beaches, to only measure success by how many bottles they could buy at a Ploutarxos concert, to be totally ignorant to other people's needs and to look out after their own interests.

Quite simply, Greek political life created the almighty Ellinara, (or wannabe).

Greeks were suckers, they fell hook, line and sinker right into their trap and as such they turned their backs on everything that made this country singular and unique. Basically they led an empty and extremely shallow life, so much so that they related more to an uneducated and slutty blond show hostesses than to personalities that were actually making a difference in society.

So why should these same political parties cry over spilled milk now? Why complain about the Golden Dawn party and its phenomenal rise when they basically paved the way for this development for more than 30 years now.

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