April 9, 2013

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Margarita Papandreou To Release New Book

The chapter on the Papandreou family (or dynasty) might of ended, but it definitely made its mark in Greece for almost 100 years. As such, mama Margarita Papandreou decided to follow the footsteps of Dimitra Lianni Papandreou and release a book about the family and concentrate it on her life with Andreas Papandreou. According to news reports, Margarita Papandreou will describe how she met Andreas Papandreou, as well as analyze what her relationship was with his family. At the same time she will reveal the health problems that were faced by the late premier near the end of his life as well as expose unknown information about what went on behind closed doors while Papandreou was in power.

Article in Greek -Ta Nea
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