April 17, 2013

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Conspiracy Or Truth - Is The Cyprus Problem "Fixed"? THIS IS A MUST READ

The following article was first circulated on facebook and after finding a solid source, HellasFrappe decided to republish it because it is very controversial. It also comes to confirm everything that we have supported over the past few years about the real reasons behind the economic crisis, the toppling of the Karamanlis government, the shady Annan Plan and the geopolitical games that are being played out as we speak in our region. We want our readers to keep in mind that this article was first posted in 2012... If one takes into account the events unfolding today in the broader region... then the author of this article cannot be charged of promoting a conspiracy theory, but rather is sounding an alarm of truth! As a blog, we had to edit the first paragraph of the article so that it could be slightly more understandable, but we have kept all of the main information intact and unedited (for obvious reasons). Please read this article, and make it go viral. HellasFrappe was obligated to file it under Conspiracy or Truth, because of the incredible information it contains. So incredible, that it is almost surreal. Nonetheless, people need to become aware of what is going on and how this geopolitical chessboard has affected both Greece and Cyprus. As Hellenes we also need to continually spread the word about our national issues. Conspiracy or not, that is up to you to decide, what is important is that we get that information out there and allow others to decide for themselves as well. Enjoy!

It is 4:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep (because of) what I heard at a dinner (last night) from the mouth of a European diplomat, and friend of Cyprus, (This is) mainly because the person under reference is trustworthy. Unfortunately, for well understood reasons, I cannot reveal his name or the country he represents. What is important, however, is what was said. According to the above mentioned source, Cyprus had already been sold, and the new leadership under Nikos Anastassiades and DIKO-DISY have accepted a solution to the Cyprus issue!

The key facts and the secrecy behind the scene are:

1- The Anglo-Americans and Israel knew since 1968 about the existence of the hydrocarbons in the area of the Eastern Mediterranean but due to the unsettled situation in the region they refrained from trying to exploit them.

2- Hydrocarbons in vast quantities exist also off the coast of Pomos-Pyrgos, in the Cretan and Libyan Sea, as well as in the area of Kastellorizo and the Southern Aegean Sea!

3- The Americans and the Jewish lobby in the US, in secret meetings with the Cypriot Foreign Minister at the time, Nicos Rolandis, the Foreign Ministers of Greece Theodoros Pangalos and George Papandreou, advised the Grecian and Cypriot sides to endeavour a joint exploitation with Turkey, which however turned down the proposition by trying to impose conditions which were not accepted.

4- During the governments of Costas Karamanlis and Tassos Papadopoullos the American ambassadors in Athens and in Nicosia brought again to the surface the subject, but this time with the Turkish terms incorporated in it, which Karamanlis rejected whereas Papadopoullos did not reply. Instead the Cypriot President began secret negotiations first with Israel and then with Egypt, which countries with the encouragement of the US accepted the ratification of an agreement for the delineation of the EEZ .

5- The refusal by Tassos Papadopoullos to accept The Annan Plan infuriated the Americans to the degree that they did not trust him any longer that he would use the agreement on the EEZ in accordance with their plans, and they therefore shelved its final ratification.

6- With the election of Christofias they thought that his ardent desire for a solution would force him to accept their views regarding the exploitation of the EEZ, and for this reason they bound themselves to support a bi-zonal federation and to exert pressures on Turkey. İn order for these plans to materialise they encouraged and dictated to Nobel Energy and Israel to form an alliance pact with Cyprus, so that the process of exploitation and the application of their plans would commence.

7- The Christofias government apparently realised to some degree the whole plan and with the encouragement of Israel and in particular of the Foreign Minister Lieberman, who did not have a good opinion on the participation of the Americans in the exploitation of the EEZ, began to approach other energy giants and especially those of Russia, China, France, Italy and others!

8- At this point Turkey reacts, seeing that matters are moving away from her control, and starts acting contrary to the American plans. At this point Erdogan brings on the scene George Soros, who, during their meeting at Davos in 2009, advised him to enter into a pact with Greece, Israel and Cyprus, in order to enable him to enter the hydrocarbon game, even if that meant serious concessions on the Cyprus issue. George Soros began to apply the following plan in accordance with the wish and order of Erdogan. He arranged secret meetings between Erdogan with Papandreou and Merkel, who agree with Soros's ideas, and later on, during a secret meeting of the three they invite Anastassiades (Christofias was unsuitable because he had already gone along on the side of Lieberman).

9- At this meeting the following decisions were made.
  • a) Germany must retain Greece alive by any means, by helping financially, while Turkey was bound to help along if need be.
  • b) Given the negative stance that was expected from Christofias and also given the need for Anastassiades's election.-  to endeavour by any means to undermine the stability of Cyprus and Christofias so that Anastassiades's win would become possible by offering him every help, financial and political.

10- George Soros undertook the financial undermining of Cyprus to the degree that its financial survival would appear impossible, by negatively influencing Assessor Organisations, and discouraging any investment in Cyprus.

11- Anastassiades would undertake to intensify his opposition to Christofias, to nullify any attempt made to reinforce the economy and to create such a psychology among the people that would render them willing to accept the forthcoming arrangement.

12- In December 2012 a new meeting took place between Soros, Erdogan, Merkel and Samaras, this time in Berlin, where the following final plan was decided:
  • a) Election of Anastassiades by any means. Bringing about a programmed collapse of the economy in Cyprus and enforcement of strict austerity measures which would prepare the people to morally succumb without forceful reactions.
  • b) Signing of a choking memorandum before any LIMITED financial help is afforded to Cyprus. Total obscurity and confusion relating to the actual economic data, and the magnification of  the deficit to levels causing fright and insecurity.
  • c) Commencement of talks for a quick closing of the Cyprus issue, which would provide for an indirect suzerainty of Turkey and Greece. A limited rearrangement and compensations relating to the property issue, acceptance of a Bizonal Bicommunal Federation with a weak Central Government and sovereignty that would stem from the EU. Departure of the Greek and Turkish troops, disarming and disbanding of the National Guard and assumption of responsibility for security by a European force which would comprise Turkish, Greek and Union troops.
  • d) After the signing of the solution agreement and the acceptance of Turkey in the EU-fold at the same time, the three countries, Greece, the Federal Cyprus, and Turkey, would sign an agreement of Friendship and Cooperation in the exploitation of the natural and mineral wealth in the areas under their jurisdiction, in a manner and participation that will be defined in the agreement according to the following sharing, Turkey 40%, Greece 30%, Cyprus 20%, EU 10% (for covering the expenses for security and guaranteeing the solution).
  • e) With the ratification of these agreements Turkey will undertake, as a gesture of good will, to pay 50% of the memorandum debt, and the other 50% will be defrayed by the EU as a gesture of solidarity to the newly formed state.
  • f) The three allied countries - Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece -  and the European Union will commonly finance the construction of the pipeline which will help in the transport of oil and hydrocarbons from all points of extraction, through Turkey to Europe. Israel will be invited to actively participate in this project.
This is what is happening! Sell out, sharing of its wealth, treachery of mega tonnes.

I leave the rest to your judgement!

I am sure that the above will be confirmed, and soon. .


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