February 11, 2013

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Papandreou And "The Rockefellers" In Secret Meeting in Thessaloniki

George Papandreou (junior)
George Papandreou (junior) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Officials were on alert at the weekend in Thessaloniki at a forum titled "Regional Cooperation in the Balkans". The hush hush event was organized by a consortium belonging to the Rockefeller brothers. Guess who opened the event and formerly addressed all the elite participants? Ta... ta... ta... ta... Yes you guessed it folks, it was former Prime Minister George Papandreou. (How predictable!)

Of Belisarius Dragatsi

The forum, which was held under the utmost secrecy at the famous five star "MET" hotel in Thessaloniki, entailed security measures reminiscent to those of a European summit, not to mention a Bilderberg meeting.

Papandreou formerly welcomed participants during a ritzy dinner but he apparently also participated in the "Rockefeller Bros Fund" conference, or the so-called (workshop) round table.

The media of course were totally banned from the meeting, while metal scanners were also apparently used to conduct body searches on participants.

In fact the forum was such a hush hush event, that Thessaloniki mayor Yiannis Boutaris was apparently briefed last minute that it was occurring. Boutaris, who is one of Papandreou's biggest advocates, was apparently also invited to speak and from what reports say he addressed the tourism development of his city (or so reports say). When you get right down to it... What else can reports say? Boutaris' philosophies and ideologies are more or less well known. The man is a globalist, and not a nationalist, and has already apparently proposed to erect a statue of Turkish leader Kemal Ataturk in the center of the city (something of course which is a little difficult to swallow by those who know an ounce of Greek history). So we are certain here at HellasFrappe that his love of Turkey, and Papandreou's drive to bring both nations together fit in perfectly with this forum.

Rumors of Soros Associates Present At The Forum

Associates of George Soros were also apparently present at the event, but this cannot be confirmed. A report on newsbomb said that there were increased rumors that they took part, but could not note the reasons for their involvement. Nonetheless, the same report said that along with these participants, around 53 noted politicians were also there, as were technocrats, businessmen and members of non-governmental organizations (or NGOs) from countries such as Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, FYROM, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, etc.

A US source, told newsbomb that the forum is going to formally evolve into a Balkan Regional Cooperation conference for the development of the Western Balkans (or countries that remain outside Euro-Atlantic structures).

Editor - (Hmmmm..... Kind of reminds us of Kissinger's famous quote about Greece, and about the so-called Western designs for the Balkans.)

It should be noted that the Rockefeller family, headed by David Rockefeller, has openly and without any shame promoted the idea of global governance. The need for global governance and the forging of nations is something that Papandreou has also campaigned for as well, even from the Greek Parliament. (My... My... Coincidence).

Editor's Note - Papandreou clearly has friends in high places. After all, George is their man!

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