November 22, 2012

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PROVOCATION - British Newspaper Baptizes Island Of Kos As Being Turkish

Aren't there too many "mistakes" and so called "typos" occurring lately? The UK Metro newspaper on Thursday referred to the "Turkish" island of Kos and set off an alarm with all of its Greek readers worldwide. Specifically, the author of the article talks about a man who fell in love with a waitress he had met on the island of Cyprus and it motivated him to travel 2,500 miles just to get closer to her.

Now this might just sound like a story made in heaven, and many women probably like the idea of the knight in shining armor traveling half way across the world just to sweep them off their feet, but we are talking about a stalker here (which is kind of dangerous) and In describing the past of his Turkish protagonist, the author either succumbs by ignorance, or by complete intention, to a HUGE stumbling block and suddenly baptizes the Greek island of Kos as Turkish.

This sounded a HUGE alarm with fans of the newspaper, who began calling in to note the mistake.

Here is the article as it appeared earlier today in the printed version

On the website the article later read:
"He set sail from Bodrum, near the Greek island of Kos, in April, crossed the Adriatic, past southern France, Spain and Gibraltar."

Following a flood of complaint letters from Greeks all over the world, the online newspaper obviously corrected the article, as seen above.

The issue of whether this was done on purpose or not will now be addressed by the Greek Foreign Ministry, and surely the newspaper must apologize for what it printed. But we cannot help but wonder... There are too many mistakes being made lately. Just too many... Too many provocations. Are they preparing us for something, or is the media propaganda machine back at work?


You can read the article at the address below, and/or send a letter of complaint

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