October 19, 2012

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Singer Petros Gaitanos Defends Golden Dawn - And Gets Slammed By Stamatis Kraounakis

Well-known singer, Petros Gaitanos, also known for his performances of Byzantine music and hymns, raised a few eyebrows in the entertainment world when he spoke positively about the Golden Dawn party. In an interview to the local Macedonia TV channel (in northern Greece), Gaitanos said he is not offended by the Golden Dawn party, and rather sees their work as being positive, and he noted that they are taking initiatives which he himself wanted to take.

Gaitanos also expressed his anger at the production of pirated CDs, most of which are sold by African immigrants all across Greece. When asked about the present political leadership, Gaitanos said that he favors (the raw and politically inexperienced) Golden Dawn party instead of the "fake", as he put it, politicians and the media.

Almost immediately after the news of the interview went viral on the Internet, certain names in the Greek entertainment industry began to slam Gaitanos for expressing his views. One such artist, composer Stamatis Kraounakis, even got nasty. On his his radio show he ridiculed Gaitanos by saying that "The Gaitanos cast the "holy wood" (the word wood in Greece spelled xylo also means beating = meaning that Golden Dawn is a violent political party).

And then, among other things, he also said "Chuck Norris does not know Petros Gaitanos". (He said more... but it is too insulting to explain in English). "Gaitanos crushed me with his Golden Dawn rhetoric. He just lowered himself. (He is) a gypsy-Byzantine, with make-up."

Editor's Note - In any civilized society people would respect each others beliefs. In Greece "progressives" slam anything that is not consistent with their beliefs and we have seen this one too many times. Everything that goes against their interests is either too "nazi" or too "anti-democratic" to them. They have literally twisted the word "normal" and created their own reality. For instance being a patriot is wrong. Not advocating for anarchy is wrong. Supporting free enterprise is wrong. Totally deranged and twisted! Mr. Kraounakis we like your music, (well not all of it, most of it... ) but you cannot slam a fellow performer just because he does not follow your beliefs. Besides, we have said it time and time again here on HellasFrappe... the only reason that Golden Dawn is rising in the polls is because "the system" continues to mock and ridicule them. If we truly are a democratic society, and if "progressives", honestly believed in an open society, then they too would be open to all types of opinions and not ridicule anything that does not coincide with their own. Finally, as a society, we should not allow these types of voices to divide us any longer. Society is in many ways like a hand: There are different sizes (meaning different political perspectives) but we all belong to one hand. 

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