September 26, 2012

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Diaspora LeaderThat Wanted To Buyout 600 Billion Greek Debt - Convicted Of Tax Evasion

credit AegeanTimes
The story we featured here on HellasFrappe last week about the "End the National Debt" organization which wants to buy out the Greek national debt, (600 billion worth) definitely generated a lot of talk on the Internet and from what we learn many reporters in Greece have now set out on a scavenger hunt to uncover as much information as they can about this organization, the money it claims to have in Canadian banks as well as the mysterious Bank of the Orient and the TRILLION dollar bonds. The organization is made up of expatriate Greeks, most of which are Greek-Americans. (Read relevant story by clicking here)

Some blogs have even claimed that the news has even caught the attention of the prime minister's office. One such news site, the AegeanTimes, also revealed something else on Tuesday that does not paint a rosy picture of the organization's President Mr. Emmaneil Lambrakis. According to the article the Greek Diaspora is confused with Mr. Lambrakis and have raised some serious concerns about both the organization as well as the existence of the so-called account. He is, on the other, very well liked in Crete, but the Greek Diaspora does not trust his intentions.

One such person, says the same article, is Greek-American George Gialtouridis from Dover, with whom the Aegean Times came into contact several days ago.

Mr. Gialtouridis apparently questions the intentions  of Mr. Lamprakis as well as the organization "End National Dept". At the same time he revealed to the AegeanTimes that Lambrakis has been signalled out by US justice!

He says that on June 15, 1995 Mr. Emmanuel Lambrakis pleaded guilty in a US federal court and was sentenced on tax evasion. According to him, Lambrakis was placed under probation for a period of three (3) years with additional conditions that included:
  • 1) that he make payments of all taxes, fines and penalties during the period of his probation and at the same time cooperate with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to determine these taxes, fines and penalties,
  • 2) that he perform 200 hours of community service, where he would use his medical knowledge,
  • 3) that he be confined to his home for a period of four (4) months, with the exception of going to work, church, doctor visits or while he was performing his 200 hours community service and that he would have to pay back a fine of $10,000.00, by no later than August 31, 1995.
The site even included the links to the public entries regarding the federal court's decision (found at the end of this article).

All this, of course, does not in anyway mean that the bank account, or funds do not exist.

Already, there are mixed feelings on whether or not a bank can disburse a "bill ward," of US Treasury bonds. A bank, which apparently was also involved with the Justice Department of Canada, just like the one that the 600 billion dollars from the Diaspora are located in!

Certainly Mr. Lambrakis has to address all these concerns, but at the same time he must also provide some kind of tangible proof that this money exists! In other words, he must put a stop to generalizations and vague references about this money and lay his cards on the table. If he does, then all the doubts and concerns from Greeks all over the world will be wiped away in a split second because right now they do not know what to believe.

We must reiterate that just because Lambrakis was convicted of tax evasion does not automatically mean that the project (and especially these funds) are non-existent. Also, it doesn't mean that he has not been reformed either.

What it does do however, is confuse us even more.

USA v. Lambrakis
Date filed: 07/21/1994
Date terminated: 06/15/1995
Date of last filing: 09/08/1997

JUDGMENT Emmanuel Lambrakis (1) count (s) 2. Judgment in a Criminal Case, by Orenstein, M. on 6/15/95; dft pleaded guilty to count 2 of a 2 count indictment; count 1 is dismissed on the motion of the US; dft shall pay a special assessment of $ 25.00 for count 2, which shall be due immediately; dft is placed on probation for a term of 3 years; additional conditions: 1) during the term of probation, dft is to make payments of all back taxes, fines and penalties; dft is to cooperate with the IRS in determining such back taxes, fines and penalties, 2) dft is to perform 200 hours of community service, which utilize his medical skills, 3) dft is to be placed on home detention for a period 4 months; exceptions to home detention are during: work, church, doctor visits or while performing the 200 hours of community service; dft shall pay a fine of $ 10,000.00, which shall be paid in full no later than 8/31/95 (Signed by Magistrate Michael L. Orenstein, Dated 6/15/95) c / m (McMahon, Carol)

Source in Greek - AegeanTimes

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