September 9, 2012

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Athina Onassis Returning After 14 Years To Rid Herself Of Scorpio - Two Offers Pending

The heir to Aristotle Onassis' fortune is returning to Greece after 14 years! According to Greek news reports, Athina Onassis is going to pay a short visit to Greece, and specifically to the family's island paradise of Scorpio across Lefkada, because she has two enticing offers to sell the it. Indeed, the island paradise that was created for her by her grandfather Aristotle Onassis is a burden to Athina, who has done everything in her power to rid herself of her family legacy. (excluding the millions of course...)

Apparently one offer stands out, since it only wants to exploit the island, that way Athina would still be legal owner. Also, the intended buyer cannot destroy the buildings on the island either, he/she must leave them as they are. Let us not forget that several members of her family are buried there, and from what we know Aristotle Onassis placed a clause in his will not permitting the sale of Scorpio for this very reason.

According to an article in Real News, the main reason Athina decided to move ahead with this deal is because Scorpio is simply unaffordable to her. As ridiculous as this sounds, the "Golden Girl" of Onassis' fortune finds that the maintenance are too costly. (Required monthly minimum 85,000 euros and a total of about 1,000,000 per year.)

The last time the 27-year old Athina visited the island was in 1998, for the memorial of her mother Christina.

Editor's Note - Shame. The bones of Aristotle and Christina Onassis are probably rattling in their graves.

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