July 6, 2012

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SPECIAL REPORT - Illegal Immigrants & Leftists Provoking Civil War Against Greeks in Piraeus (VIDEOS)

For the first time in modern Greek political history, Greek political parties openly sided with illegal foreign immigrants from countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other areas against Greek citizens. The Radical Coalition of the Left (SYRIZA) and other smaller parliamentary parties (or as they claim to be anti-racist organizations) of the Left such as far-left ANTARSYA, etc which belong to the Coalition, helped several illegal immigrants on Thursday night to organize an undemocratic rally in the area Agios Nikolaos in Nikea (Piraeus) against the Golden Dawn Party.

Even with the publicity the protest received from television channels which have never hidden their ties to the Left such as MEGA, the participants at this gathering did not even manage to gather more than 300 people together. The mood became very heated, and illegal immigrants even began to attack common Greek citizens who had gathered outside of Golden Dawn's offices in a cry of support. Thanks to local police, no injuries or damages were reported.

The rally began in the afternoon and little after 20:00 the protestors began to make their way towards Nikea's main police station. As they passed the corner of Laodicea and Kypros, tensions exploded when several illegal immigrants began to viciously attack a simple citizen who they suspected of belonging to the Golden Dawn party! The victim says he was following the protest and fell behind, but when he caught up the illegal immigrants turned on him. When this happened several other citizens, or specifically some Olympikos fans, decided to intervene and save the man -who at this point was facing a mob- and this created even more tension. The immigrants attacked the sports fans, injuring one and also damaging his motor bike.

The reason the illegal immigrants staged the rally was because several members of their community allege that a group of bikers, that they "think" belong to the Golden Dawn party, ordered them to pack up and leave the area and that is why they held the rally to demand that the political party close down its offices in this area of Piraeus.

Friends, when illegal immigrants demand that a political party which gained 7 percent of the electoral vote of the GREEK PEOPLE be closed down (because they think, or fear something but cannot back it with evidence) then you can expect nothing but trouble. Certainly these foreigners were influenced to stage this protest from the anarchist backed ANTARSYA party which is known to despise the Golden Dawn party and has clashed with it on more than one occasion.

No one has the right to demand that a political party close down its offices, someone better advise these people that we have a democracy here and unlike their countries do not stone people because they do not wear Burgas, or burn them alive for adultry.

Golden Dawn cannot demand this of its rivals as its rivals cannot demand this of Golden Dawn. If the Communist Party toasts personalities such as Stalin, or if SYRIZA supports anarchists, and even if PASOK says 20 "Hail Mary's" to George Papandreou everyday, is something that GREEK voters will have to take into consideration when they head to the polls. Only Greek voters decide who should be punished, who should move forward and who should rise in government, and this does not include a handful of people who illegally entered into our country and have no right to demand anything!

We know that the only reason the Left supports these immigrants is because they want to raise the amount of voters they have, that is also why they advocate that we legalize them, and we also suspect many other things as well, but have you asked yourselves why the Pakistanis so fixated on the Golden Dawn party, and especially in the area of Nikea?  (Since this was not the first time that they stage a so-called anti-racist march).

We will tell you  why:

On Kolokotronis Street, opposite the stadium in Korydallos, which is joined to Nikea, cameras have been set up outside of a home that supposedly houses illegal immigrants. According to the inews news site, the apartment is an illegal workshop for the production of pirate CDs and there are rumors that drug trafficking occurs here. Witnesses who reported the story to the news site, claim that large packages are delivered and leave from this place everyday and people do not dare to go near the apartment because they are automatically signalled out and abused by the people who are there.

Also, in April of this year clashes sparked between illegal immigrants and Greek youths when news broke that a young 14-year old was gang raped by eight or nine Pakistani nationals while her 17-year boyfriend was brutally beaten. Because of this incident, clashes broke out in Nikea, Korydallos, Renti and Kolonos and many youths were injured in the process.

We here at hellasfrappe cannot confirm this information but we trust the inews news site. In fact nothing would surprise us at all about this community and its criminal activities. The man you see in the video below is Mr. Javet Aslam, or the president of the Pakistani community in Greece. In comments to the Newsit news channel,  Aslam criticized the violence which he says is imposed on illegal immigrants by the Golden Dawn party and fascist racist groups. Aslam even said that the Pakistanis are not protected by the Greek police! "I want to take this opportunity to denounce the cooperation between the Golden Dawn party and the police. The police supports the crimes of the Golden Dawn party. Today there are hundreds of policemen (protecting the Golden Dawn's offices), when you immigrants are hit where is the police? I also want to thank the leftists who are always there for us."


The police does not protect criminals like you Mr. Aslam. And you sir are one of the biggest criminal that we know of! Javet Aslam, was arrested on May 16, 2012, following a warrant by INTERPOL on charges of human trafficking involving the smuggling of Asian illegal immigrants. Greek policemen arrested him in his residence in Kolono (an Athens suburb). The warrant for his arrest by INTERPOL had been issued after Pakistani authorities after they discovered that Javet had received large sums of money that were linked to the smuggling of illegal immigrants from Pakistan to Greece.

We do not know how this criminal managed to get out on bail, but we suspect that some of SYRIZA's lawyers probably supported him and what is even worse he went to a Greek Appeals prosecutor and actually demanded that he be granted political asylum!

Greek society needs to be protected people such as him, and taxpayer money should not be spent on protecting him against Greek society!

We are disgusted! 

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