May 20, 2012

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Dutch MP - "If You're FYROM, Then Greece Is The Former Ottoman Republic"

It looks like the anti-Hellene movement in Europe is quite strong! The latest load of crap we heard was from a Dutch MP.

"Since Greece can not use the name Former Ottoman Republic, then how you can FYROM use the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" asked Dutch MP Johans van Baalen-Johanas van Baalen. "Your name is" Macedonia and this is the attitude of the European Parliament," the Dutch MP said after visiting with FYROM officials recently in Brussels.

Baalen even went as far as saying that the international community must ignore Greece and immediately "recognize FYROM by its constitutional name." On its part FYROM foreign ministry officials said that their country's target is to become a full member of NATO, because they contribute forces to NATO missions.

Editor's Note - Ti les re papara? Ante kai... (beep)
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