October 27, 2011

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SPECIAL REPORT - Goodbye Europe... hello German States

Eurozone bankers indeed reached an agreement for a 50 percent haircut on the Greek debt early Friday morning but Greeks today are not celebrating. And the reason that they are not celebrating is simply because we know that the haircut comes with even more conditions, a new lending agreement (with even more austerity measures), and the “supervision” of Troika technocrats all devised by the same country that wanted to become a world leader only 71 years ago. Just one day before Greece celebrates “OXI” day when it went against this sort of fascism to defend its birthright, despite overwhelming and unfavourable odds, this country is once again experiencing the wrath of the so called Fourth Reich and is asking itself today if this continent should be called Europe (a Greek word) or the German States.

Reactions are not light hearted at all and today most Europeans are not too happy about this "agreement". In fact an anti-German reaction is quickly spreading across Europe because of it. The dark shadow of German-driven austerity measures squeezing little Greece has revived historical enmities and evoked comparisons to the massive destruction of this Mediterranean country at the hands of Nazi Germany over 71 years ago.

The negative campaign directed against Greece by much of the international media over the past two years and especially the German media, has assumed an increasingly strident tone since Greek workers took to the streets in large numbers to oppose the austerity program dictated by the European Union and the banks. Clearly the media campaign against Greece was designed to divide the peoples of Europe and play them off against each other in order to prevent a joint struggle by the European working class against the dictators of the EU which we all now know is Germany.

I mean everyone knows that Germany is the strongest player. Everyone knows that this country's opinion has more clout than the other EU countries, but it cannot always have the last word.Greece, like every other country in the Eurozone, is now at the mercy of Germany. When major decisions are under discussion, and, at the end of the day, they are imposed by a single country that is determined not to give in no matter what the consequences, all the other countries are obligated to back down.

And all of this because our prime minister George Papandreou asked for "technical assistance" from the Troika. Obviously the IMF, and Germany jumped to the occasion... they want to get their hands on this country's resources, they want cheap labor for it and do not want us to strengthen as an economy because then this whole fake crisis will blow up in their faces.

All of this, coupled with the fact that we here in Greece have "Yes Men" that bow to this new type of facism has only fed Germany's and every other so called "allied country's" egos.

Speaking about the lack of leadership, the agreement is according to our "Yes Man" government going to shave approximately 100 billion Euros off of the Greek debt. Commenting to reporters right after the decision, Prime Minister George Papandreou said that his government achieved its goals despite the unprecedented adversities and noted that Greece can now close the accounts with its past. He said the agreement has all the "pros" of the July 21 Eurozone summit agreement but not its "cons", while it also eases the burden from the Greek people and transfers it the banks.

Here are the main points:
  • Reduce the Greek debt 50% which means 100 billion haircut so substantial decrease of about 27-28%.
  • 30 Billion warrants on the banks of which 15 billion will come from privatization.
  • Permanent “supervision” by Troika technocrats in Greece.
  • Almost 15 billion Euros of the privatisation funds will go to finance the EFSF (and thus return to the Greek banks - the private sector but will put 15 billion will be needed to strengthen them).
This “supervision” as they term it is not sitting well with the Greek people. A couple of days ago on the Nikos Chatzinikolaoy’s “Prosopo Me Prosopo” talk show Minister Rovlias said this should not bother us… the Germans are our friends… This made us flash back to the 1971 Greek movie "The Dawn of Victory", which was filmed in Rethymno and showed how “traitors” or Anti-Hellenes of that era said the exact same thing to their fellow Greek brothers and sisters. Check out the two videos below, one after another and compare what both "Anti-Hellenes" say, and then continue reading the article.

Papandreou said something else that was quite interesting as well. He said that snap elections were not necessary. In fact he said people want changes, not elections and we here at hellasfrappe ask… has this man exited the Prime Minister’s Mansion at all? Has he bought a newspaper, opened a blog, surfed through Facebook? Doesn’t he see that almost 85 percent of the population is against him and his government and demands elections? How can he still speak on behalf of the people?

The decision over the “haircut” was not received well with most political parties in Greece either especially those who oppose the memorandum. Commenting on the deal in Brussels, leader of the New Democracy Party Antonis Samaras said that the decision reached clearly proves that the PASOK government’s policies over the past two years have been “a mistake”. HE said the new deal does not make any reference to economic recovery “therefore, the mistake remains and is being prolonged.”

“The crucial question is not the size of the ‘haircut’ but how the Greek economy will exit recession and produce primary surpluses to be able to stand on its own feet,” said Samaras. “Everything depends on one thing, namely, setting economic recovery as a priority and for this to happen the policy implemented needs to change. Not change the deficit reduction goal but change everything that blocks the road to recovery, like taxation raids and horizontal cuts” while he added that his party will continue to say “NO” (OXI) to the mistake.

HE also said something else that was quite interesting, Samaras noted that Greece’s debt will be at 120 percent of GDP in 2020 (or the end of the new agreement), equalling the same amount that it did in 2009 when George Papandreou toppled the ND party of Costas Karamanlis and took power.

Finally Samaras made a special reference to the issue of national sovereignty (or this so called ‘supervision’) stressing that Greece’s sovereignty “should be safeguarded”. “We have no reason to hand it over to anybody,” he stressed noting that this is forbidden by the Greek Constitution and European treaties.

Mr Samaras, we totally agree…. And words cannot fool us. If they are disguising the word colonization with "permanent supervision" that is there problem… but we will continue to say "OXI" and never accept this and we are glad that you are not accepting this either.

Germans and other such so called "allies" have been long enough at teaching others about honor, honesty and human rights, but they have never paid back the gold their Nazi regime stole from our Central Bank during WWII, nor have they paid back the loan we gave them during the same period. Maybe... they should learn to put their money where their mouths are

As long as we continue to say OXI we still have some hope as a nation…. and we dedicate the next video to them

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