October 20, 2011

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Russian Marines in Evros, Will March Alongside Greek Units on OXI Day! (video)

Russia’s (LST) Tsesar Kunikof, a forerunner landing warship, is already in the Aegean and getting ready to enter Evros! For the first time in history, and in the framework of sending a clear message to Turkey that they will stand by Greece’s side, Russian marines will march along side of Greek soldiers in this year's October 28th “OXI” parade!

With the power of some 150 Russian marines and tens of different versions of wheeled TOMA BTR-80s including a rare version of SHORAD with missiles SA-16, BRDM etc., the Tsesar Kunikof, is in Greece.

It sailed into Greek waters last Sunday and harboured on the island of Cephalonia and then began a slow journey to Alexandroupolis, and is expected to arrive in the port of Alexandroupoli on October 27, 2011, a report from defencenet said.

There for the first time ever Russia will make an action at other times it sounded as "impossible": a few kilometres from the Turkish border, the Russian Marines will march along with the Greek soldiers celebrating the anniversary of the October 28! Clearer message to Turkey that will not be left alone to Greece if there is a "hot" volume could not be sent or the whole Russian fleet.

For the first time in history Russian marines will march along side with Greek soldiers in this year's October 28th parade just a few miles from the Greek-Turkish boarder!

October 28 is OXI day (or Ohi Day) commemorating the rejection by Greece over the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on October 28, 1940 during WWII. The events of 1940 are commemorated every year with military and student parades all over Greece and Cyprus and it is a national holiday.

With this move, it is almost like the whole Russian army is sending a LOUD message towards all, that if push comes to shove they will stand by Greece and the Greeks on all fronts. And when we talk about Russian marines we are referring to the most “elite” units of Russia’s Armed Forces, which are in the same class as Paratroopers

This move of course is not by chance since Alexandroupolis lies in a region where Greece has invested heavily (in terms of economic and political benefits) towards the creation of the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline. It needs not be reminded that the government of George Papandreou and his Bulgarian counterpart M.Borisov have done everything in their power to sabotage this particular project, which would have only benefitted the area as well as created thousands of jobs for northern Greece as well as generated a lot of money for the Greek economy.

Russian marines have paraded in Greece previous to this, but never on the side of Greek soldiers. And this just a few kilometres from the Greek-Turkish border and R. T. Erdogan’s constant threats that want to punish Greece and Cyprus for wanting to exploit their international right to drill for natural gas and oil.

The "Tsesar Kunikof", with 89 sailors and officers will also participate in the inauguration ceremonies of the refurbished monument of the fallen Russian soldier in Alexandroupolis. According to history, Dedeagatch was captured by the Russians during the Russo–Turkish War of 1877–1878, and Russian forces settled in the village. The officers in charge saw that reconstruction incorporated wide streets running parallel to each other, allowing the quick advance of troops, and avoided cul-de-sacs. This was very unlike the narrow alleys, cobbled streets, and dead-ends that were characteristic of Ottoman cities at the time. The city returned to Ottoman control by the end of the war, but the brief Russian presence had a lasting effect on the design and architecture of the city and especially the streets of Alexandroupolis.

Also, during the visit, a friendly soccer match will be held between Russian marines and Hellenic soldiers from the 12th Infantry Division.

It is very likely, that if given the "green light" from Greece’s political leadership a joint military exercise between the Russian marines and Greek units could also be held in the area.

Finally, it is also possible that Russia’s Minister of Culture Aleksandr Avnteef might accompany the wife of Russian President Medvedev N., because of her ties with this area.

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