July 5, 2011

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PASOK MPs attacked by angry citizens all over Greece (VIDEOS)

Since the government voted for the first Memorandum as well as the mid-term Memorandum last week, and especially after the rioting in Athens last week, there have been monstrous demonstrations against the government's austerity plan.  

PASOK MPs have been receiving threats and jeering by people who cannot forgive nor forget that they voted in favour of the memorandum last week. 

President of the Greek Parliament Filippos Petsalnikos might be talking about attacks against democracy; however, the MPs who have been jeered by angry citizens are feared to be mostly from his own party ranks.

MPs have actually been verbally attacked, pelted with yoghurt, water, coffee and in some cases even physically attacked by some of their voters.

The ruling party tried to demonize the Coalition of Left Party (SYRIZA), claiming that their voters are being this, but most analysts claim that this is a far cry from the truth.

Protesters attack Athanasiadis

Lamia MP N. Tsionis was pelted with yogurts, water and even physically attacked by angry protesters at the weekend, and not even his body guards and/or the police could save him from angry citizens.

Let’s have a look at the latest incidents…
  • Monday afternoon, Trikala residents burst into a local television station shouting slogans and interrupted the interview PASOK MP Soula Merentiti was giving live at the time. The protesters launched a verbal attack on the congresswoman who left the building in fear with police supervision. Meanwhile back at the studio, the protesters read a text on air with the views of why they interrupted the interview.
  • PASOK MP Antonakopoulos received a verbal assault by a citizen in the prefecture of Ilia, and almost got into a fist fight with him.
  • In Lamia, yoghurt and water were thrown at PASOK MP Tsonis last Friday night when angry citizens threatened to actually physically attack him.
  • In the areas of Komotini and Agrinio, negative posters of PASOK MPs that voted in favour of the memorandum were circulated.
  • Negative slogans were written in the political offices of PASOK MPs in the cities of Trikala, Alexandroupoli and Papamanolis’ office on the island of Syros.
  • Kozani congressman Alexandros Athanasiadis was also assaulted in Voukourestiou str. after he announced his consent regarding the memorandum and the privatization of the Hellenic Power Company (PPC). Athanasiadis, who had for weeks claimed that he would not vote for the memorandum angered his voters when he made a 180 degrees turn voting in favour of it. After he was attacked, he said he was threatened to vote in favour of it… by an unknown German number, but very few believe this to be true.
  • On the island of Crete, the political offices of local MPs were totally ravaged and damaged, and when the MPS in the cities of Herakleion and Chania returned to their offices all they witnessed was debris.
  • On the island of Corfu, protesters assaulted ministers and their European guests, while they were dining at the castle of the city, while PASOK MP Angela Gerekou (and wife of Tolis Voskopoulos) was proclaimed as a persona non grata.
  • Just hours after the mass rioting last Wednesday, PASOK MPs Rodoula Zisi and Kostas Kartalis were confined inside their homes in the Central Greek city of Volos, while being besieged by angry protesters.
  • Wife of famous singer George Dalaras, Anna Dalaras was evacuated by police in the area of Vyronas in Athens, after a mob of angry protesters approached her, while on the island of Lesvos MP  Nikos Sifounakis received intense booing and jeering at the island’s main harbour in Mytillini.
  • And finally on the island of Evia, threatening notes have reached the offices of PASOK MPs Katerina Perlepe and Simos Kedikoglou
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