March 28, 2011

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Greeks in Brussels rising up!!!!

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The state controlled unions in Greece might for the moment be "controlling" the masses on behalf of the government, but the Greek lobbies all over Europe, North America, Australia and elsewhere are really turning on the heat against the Greek government. Bravo Hellene brothers and sisters.... keep talking, keep protesting... and keep teaching Hellenes in Greece what true Hellenism and love for your country is!

One such group, the Solidarity Initiative to the Greek people in Brussels last week held a protest against the anti-social measures imposed to to the Greek people by the Greek government, the EU and the IMF.

The political groups of the Social-Democrats and the Liberals jointly organized an event about the "2500+1 years from the Marathon battle'' in the European Parliament on March 23, 2011. The event was addressed by the former President of the Parliament, Hans-Gert Pöterring, Greek PASOK MP Chryssoula Paliadeli, German Liberal MP Jorgo Chatzimarkakis and Greek Minister for Culture Pavlos Geroulanos.

Following the speeches, one member from the Solidarity Initiative requested the flour for three minutes and the host of the event refused , so the Member of the Solidarity Initiative insisted to make an intervention and then havoc broke loose... the movement unfolded a banner with the slogan "ΕU – IMF barbarians listen up, Peoples of Europe are rising up".

Katerina Batzeli, an ex Minister and current Member of the Greek Parliament, tried to cover up the intervention launching insults and shouting sarcastic "bravo" to the speaker and the members of the Initiative.

Below you can read the text of the intervention, or you can watch the video above:

"2,500 year after and 20km from Marathon's battlefield, the modern Greeks are waging a battle today. This is the inhabitants of the village of Keratea that they fight some modern barbarians. These modern barbarians, they are not from Asia. They are from Greece. It is the police of the Greek state sent by the socialdemocratic Greek Government to defend an illegal decision, the decision to build an illegal dump in Keratea, that will destroy archeological sites. This is how this government defends Greek culture.
The policement sent by the Greek government enter into house yards. They curse on women.

They tear gas normal working people and they behave as an occupation force in Greece.

They fight of these people, the struggle of people of Keratea is the symbol of the struggle of all the working people in Greece, a symbol besides the three hundred immigrants, the 300 immigrant workers that won and they dedicated their victory to the entire working class of Greece.

They are in solidarity with the nine general strikes that have been waged in Greece against the irrational policies of IMF, EU and the Greek government.

The modern barbarians are the MEPs that voted for these measures, it is the Commission, the IMF and the European Central Bank, that abolish democracy with the new economic governance, that put the control of the budgets of the states under an unelected body, the European Commission.

You will not prevail.

This crisis will not be the Thermopylae of working people;

It will be your Waterloo."
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